Client Onboarding & Experience Expert

Guelph, ON


Why We Exist

Imagine a world where people wake up every morning… inspired to GROW, be EXCELLENT and make an IMPACT.

The Zahnd Team Real Estate Advisors exists to be public leaders in the Real Estate industry to inspire Realtors to find “A Better Way” with Houseable.

That’s what we do, and we want your help!

We are looking to grow our amazing A-Player team by hiring a superstar Client Onboarding & Experience Expert.

You will be plugged you into our system and surround you with a team of A Player's driven by a powerful purpose and mission. We want to develop a superstar Client Onboarding & Experience Experts that will be put on stage to showcase how all the tools delivered through Houseable create the ultimate real estate business while delivering the most exceptional service and experience to clients.

If inside you are saying "Hell Yeah!" please continue…

You are the superstar we are looking for if…

  • Good is not good enough – you have an obsession for WOWing people. You enjoy coming up with new and creative ways to blow client expectations out of the water.
  • You have a positive, take-charge attitude and thrive on documenting your results.
  • You love a challenge and do not fear rejection.
  • You have an insatiable curiosity, love for learning and trying new things.
  • You love doing great work because striving for excellence gives you joy and fulfilment.
  • You are a confident, resourceful and a highly motivated self-starter who can work independently and don’t require someone looking over your shoulder all day.
  • You are a contributor to great culture, fun to be around yet can be down to business when the time calls.
  • You have high standards for your work. Details matter to you. Results matter to you. Excellence matters to you.
  • You understand and/or can quickly master various, mainstream technologies (Google Docs, Sheets, etc), and CRM software.
  • You love to engage and collaborate with a team
  • You have a positive, caring and upbeat nature with a strong drive to serve others.
  • You enjoy managing many problems and projects at once with speed, efficiency and poise.
  • You're not a 'know it all'

Your Jobs Mission:

A Client Onboarding & Experience Expert has mastered the Selling Onboarding Process and Buying Onboarding Process.

You have a mission-critical role as you are the first point of contact after a potential client has agreed to work with us. Many buyers of services and products get a feeling of buyer's remorse at this stage, it is your job to ensure they feel they made the best decision possible.

It is your mission to deliver the most remarkable client onboarding experience while making sure the client has all their questions answered, needs taken care of while doing it all with a smile and great attitude.

You will be listening and looking for ways to surprise and customize the client's experience to ensure they feel special, have no doubts about their decision and are blown away about how we care and deliver our service.

In your role, you must effectively communicate with sales team and clients to collect and input new client documentation, build listings and create engaging communications (i.e., thank yous and document packages) to have a successful client onboarding.

As a secondary mission, you will be an key assistant to the operations team, helping them keep operations going smoothly wherever they may need you.

As a member of this team, you will have a passion for growing as a person, have a passion for helping people achieve their goals, have an unparalleled work ethic that doesn't stop until the job is done and done with excellence. You are highly committed to training and studying to push yourself to a new level personally and professionally.

As a team member, you come to work to be a great leader. To lead by example, set a high standard of performance and help your fellow teammates in our combined effort to reach our mission.

The experience & skills you need:

  • Organization
  • Proficient with Google Docs/Sheets/Drive
  • Customer service
  • Coachable
  • Computer savvy
  • Real Estate Knowledge a bonus, but not required.


BETTER than competitive with unlimited growth opportunities.


Please do not apply for this position unless you are certain you will be a good fit. This is a highly coveted position, and we will only settle for an A+ player. If this describes you then we enthusiastically invite you to submit an initial inquiry for this position (will take <5min):